Some 24,000 people work for TÜV SÜD in Asia and Europe, in Africa, on both American continents and in Australia. Day in day out, they use their best efforts to make life around the world safer.

This aspiration has a long tradition. When the predecessor organization of today’s TÜV SÜD Group was founded back in 1866, the founders at that time came up with a claim which still drives the company today: protecting people, the environment, and property from technology-related risks.

In a complex world full of risks, employees from TÜV SÜD are on hand in almost all areas of life, offering their services as reliable and objective experts. They inspect everything from cars to highly complex industrial plants, they test foodstuffs, clothing and toys, as well as computer servers and they scrutinize new, energy-saving technologies. They always take a very careful look – be it through a microscope or in a huge steel tank.

The people at TÜV SÜD!