The group at a glance

Key figures
In € million20162015201420132012 1
Business development
Personnel expenses1,421.21,328.61,232.11,159.01,083.3
Cash flow from operating activities241.5221.2202.3189.2158.2
Free cash flow 2164.1140.8134.3109.086.4
Capital expenditures86.680.468.080.271.7
Income before taxes182.6144.4146.5140.3135.1
Consolidated net income130.5114.0104.4102.1102.8
EVA (Economic Value Added) 480.961.066.662.163.6
EBIT margin in %
EBIT margin, adjusted in %
EBT margin in %
EBT margin, adjusted in %
Non-current assets1,222.41,147.51,111.7992.91,001.5
Current assets791.4722.3718.6713.8620.7
Balance sheet total2,013.81,869.81,830.31,706.71,622.2
Equity ratio in %31.929.821.626.623.0
Employees (annual average)
Full-time equivalents21,73820,22819,73518,98117,227
As of December 31 523,99722,36322,00321,14618,758

1 _ Restatement in accordance with IAS 19 (revised 2011).
2 _ Free cash flow: cash flow from operating activities less cash paid for investments in intangible assets, property, plant and equipment and investment property.
3 _EBIT: Earnings before interest, before other financial result and before income tax, but after income from participations.
4 _ Adjustment for NOPAT calculation.
5 _ Calculation method changed from 2013.