Independent of time, place and own resources, individually adaptable and cost-effectively scalable at all times – the cloud is one of the great promises of the digital transformation. Data storage can be saved as securely as in your own data center – thanks to a unique sealing technology.

To store it yourself or to have others store it for you? Most businesses still only trust their own data centers when it comes to important company data. And yet, storing data in a cloud would have many advantages: anything stored in the digital cloud is not only available wherever you are in the world, but it is generally also more effective and cheaper than storing on own servers. If only it didn’t pose security concerns: just how secure is outsourced data from hacker attacks or from espionage by the cloud provider itself? “As a specialist organization for technical security, TÜV SÜD has taken ownership of this topic”, says Dr. Dirk Schlesinger. The Chief Digital Officer at TÜV SÜD is aiming high: “Small and medium-sized businesses have the greatest initial reservations in migrating to cloud computing, and they in particular should benefit from our secure solution.”

Top marks for security

In mid-2017, TÜV SÜD acquired a majority shareholding in the Munich-based company Uniscon GmbH, forming the basis for a promising partnership. The global services provider contributes its expertise in the fields of security and processes, coupled with a high level of trust from its customers. The young company Uniscon contributes an exceptional technical solution: the “sealed cloud” is a high-security cloud solution which solves the basic problem of outsourcing data: access by the platform provider itself. Thanks to a special encryption code, Uniscon technology makes it impossible for a platform provider or its administrators to access their clients’ data. Additional protection is also offered in the form of technology which automatically deletes data in the event of a hacker attack. It couldn’t be safer! As a result, Dirk Schlesinger is certain: “Our highly-secure solution will significantly increase acceptance of the cloud. In five to ten years, we will all be cloud-based.”

Video with Dr. Dirk Schlesinger: Is there such a thing as a highly secure cloud?

Dr. Dirk Schlesinger
Chief Digital Officer TÜV SÜD

New digital solutions ­provide many advantages for businesses. Our task is to make innovations so safe that people can trust this new technology.

Digital paths of the future

The acquisition of Uniscon marks an important milestone for TÜV SÜD in providing support for the digital transformation of their customers worldwide and in being a dependable partner in the “smart future”. ­Supporting TÜV SÜD’s digital strategy are two Centers of Excellence in Singapore and Munich which opened in 2016 and 2017. This is where the company pools its digital expertise and develops new services in relation to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Advantages of the sealed cloud

Sealed cloud computing offers a unique level of security: Only the user has access to their data. Both external hackers and even service providers themselves are technically and mechanically locked out. Thanks to the various security mechanisms data stored in the sealed cloud can not only be extremely securely stored but also safely processed.

Companies are already successfully using the sealed cloud